You took the first step towards Greek when you fell in love with the language.

And eventually, it became a life - long journey.

But sometimes, words don’t come easy and grammar is difficult to grasp.

Learning feels slow. Speaking feels impossible.

Let me take the next step with you. And help you gain more confidence and sustained motivation.

Γεια σας! I’m Danae Florou, Greek teacher.

I help Greek language enthusiasts keep learning and speak more, step by step, when your dream is to express yourself and connect with locals in Greece, friends and family through the Greek language.

  • I teach Greek online, with a focus on speaking, through my lessons and speaking programs.

  • I write about the Greek language on my blog. My articles have also been featured in Clozemaster, Memrise, The Mezzofanti Guild, Lindsay Does Languages, Hitoritabi Languages, among other language websites.

  • I share with my newsletter subscribers my best tips from teaching Greek for the last 15 years.

What my students say:

The most important thing for me is that I actually started talking.
You help me to believe in myself, your patience and kindness and positive feedback make me feel more confident.
— Galina Troshina
Δανάη is excellent in knowing your level as language learner, to meet you exactly where you are and to adapt her teaching to you in the most appropriate way.
— Nille, 1:1 My Speaking Hub student

The journey to here

From Strefi Hill to Lycabettus Hill, Athens downtown

From Strefi Hill to Lycabettus Hill, Athens downtown

The years that followed my graduation from the Greek Language and Literature department at the University of Thrace, I lived in Greece, France and Canada - often back and forth.

I taught Greek to ages 1 - 75 in various settings, received the EUROLTA diploma (European Certificate in Language Teaching to Adults) and earned my MEd in Second Language Education from the University of Toronto, where I lived for 6 years.

And so it happens that I understand, first hand, how it’s one thing to love a language and another thing to speak and communicate in it.

Living abroad for a total of 7 years in two different countries - France and Canada - often felt like a journey without a map. Exciting and terrifying.

University, Toronto downtown

University, Toronto downtown

Both times, nothing had prepared me for the real, everyday speaking with locals. From the chat about the weather to a deep conversation about politics. From small talk when ordering a coffee to starting a casual discussion to get to know the other person.

Because it’s not only about the vocabulary or grammar. It is also about finding the confidence to speak the language with all your imperfections and being able to express yourself in order to connect with others.

This is why I don’t take speaking - and most importantly learning to speak - in another language for granted.

Μία διαφορετική γλώσσα είναι μία διαφορετική οπτική της ζωής.

- Federico Fellini

When you learn with me…

  • I help you discover how to put together everything you’ve learned so far + keep learning, in order to speak and express yourself in Greek

  • I help you break down your learning in small steps and practical, reachable goals.

  • I help you build your confidence, find your focus and keep speaking, keep connecting with the Greeks in your life - or the ones you haven’t met yet.

I’m here to help you make it happen. Contact me to find out more about learning with me & ask your questions.

Aside from teaching Greek…

Learn Greek online_Greek lessons_alphabetagreek

1. I’m mom to two little bilinguals.

2. Coming back to Greece after living abroad made me feel like a “native tourist” - usually, it’s fun to see both perspectives (although a bit crazy at times).

3. This means that I’m a bit more obsessed with the gorgeous, clear sunlight of Athens - at least, more than usual. Also with the sea. Of course.

4. I never stop learning languages. Etymology is my “secret” indulgence. French is my “secret” obsession.

5. I love a friendly, engaging discussion. I’m most happy when I can combine it with a good cup of coffee - or tea!

And since you ‘ve read all the way to this point, here’s: