About Me

Is it your dream to communicate with the locals in Greece?

Maybe you want to understand Hadjidakis' songs - or your favourite Greek songs. 

Or maybe you just love the sound of Greek and feel intrigued by this old, beautiful language?

If you have already started learning Greek you're probably looking for ways to really practice the language; the Internet has too many alphabet lessons - but you've nailed that already -, the websites or radio stations from Greece are great - but too advanced for you right now - and you have some burning questions you need answers to move on.

You're in the right place if you're:

  • A Pre-Intermediate or an Intermediate learner
  • Looking for authentic material
  • Motivated and eager to speak and communicate in Greek

Whether you're learning on your own or with a teacher, here you'll find pro tips about learning Greek, free materials to help you with your practice and answers to your questions about how to express yourself and communicate in the language you're in love with.  

I'm here to help you learn everyday expressions & vocabulary that locals in Greece actually use and cheer for you when you witness your progress rise steadily.

Hi, I'm Danae.

Let me say I admire you for learning a new alphabet and finding your way in this very unique language.

I write my blog posts with you in mind, the motivated learner who just needs a helping hand with Greek.

Apart from blogging, I love creating materials you can use to learn Greek.

My story

I'm a language learner myself; I speak English, French, Spanish and I learn Dutch. All in different levels and with lots of imperfections. 

Since 2012, I live in Toronto, the "world's most multicultural city".

I started teaching Greek as a Second Language in 2003 in Greece and after studying about languages and multilingualism for a few years in France, I came back to Athens to follow my passion. In 2012 I got my EUROLTA certification for second language teachers.

So, welcome - καλωσήρθατε!

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A different language is a different vision of life.
— Federico Fellini