How To Completely Change The Way You Learn Greek [Review]

You got excited to learn Greek. You watched a couple of YouTube videos, downloaded a great app, even started lessons and made progress.

But soon you felt like you’re never going to speak this language the way you want. Grammar is so complicated. Some of the words are real tongue twisters. And life seems to get busier and busier; there’s no time to sit down and do some serious work.

Yet, you admit to yourself, you love Greek (so pat yourself in the back for persisting!).

And this is why you can learn Greek, no matter your current level. You just need to change one thing:


Why Habit?

You know there’s no magic recipe when learning a language.

You also know how things get in the way and your study might get compromised.

Nevertheless,  you've decided to learn this fascinating language, and changing the way you do it leads you to success.

This is why I’m happy to review today Kerstin Cable’s Language Habit Toolkit.

What is it?

This is a comprehensive tool for language learners, consisted of the 37 page Handbook, one video and 5 worksheets, all set to help you implement a good language learning routine.

When I first stumbled across Kerstin’s Language Habit Toolkit two things came to my mind:

1. How can a Greek learner benefit from the Toolkit?

2. Yes! I can start learning French again (my secret language passion).

Who is Kerstin?

With several years of experience in language learning, teaching and coaching, 2 books about language learning and 7 languages in her personal repertoire, Kerstin Cable is the face behind the Language Habit Toolkit.

She does an excellent job transferring her knowledge in a methodical, thoughtful way, inspiring language learners to achieve their goals in simple, clearly laid out steps.

When you learn Greek, you ‘ll find that the Toolkit is:

Well planned

It feels like Kerstin sits down with you and explains everything from Α to Ω - in just 37 pages. 

Starting from what motivates you to learn the language, she helps you realize your specific and personal goals and how you can realistically achieve them.

She then leads you through her well-thought tracking system for both tracking your study and progress.

Finally, you learn how to review your study and readjust what’s not working.

For example, imagine you are a Greek learner at Intermediate Level and you feel overwhelmed by the three Grammar cases, the pronouns, the new everyday expressions you learn.

By just having your Vision Goals written down, you can go back, get some courage and inspiration and move on.

What are the Vision Goals exactly?

As Kerstin puts it, “These are about what your heart wants, what's going to really keep you going.” They are step #1 in the Language Habit Toolkit.

To take it further, Kerstin suggests a few ideas to really visualize your goals. (A language mood board on Pinterest: Genius. I just tried it and it looks great.)

To The Point

What I don’t like in a learning approach is stiffness and overwhelm.

It’s not great when you feel like you’re not doing enough. I’m certain none of you likes it either, especially for a language as demanding as Greek.

I found that the Language Habit Toolkit offers concrete examples and real, practical suggestions.

It’s a  short read so it makes me feel I’m not losing my time. Better yet, I learn how to use my time to reach my language goals and I bet you can do that too. 

It’s an achievement to fit so much information without overwhelming your readers.

The language is direct, concise and reassuring and you know what to expect next. Really, reading the Handbook was like having my own personal language coach!

Ready For Use

The 5 worksheets that accompany the Handbook, help you track all progress: from envisioning to achieving. Given the step by step nature of the Language Habit Toolkit, you can’t get lost.

Let’s say you are an Advanced learner who wants to focus on reading and understanding the Greek Sunday newspapers. This is your goal; note it down.

Then, you decide how to implement it and how long will it take you to do so:

For example, by reading a paragraph (10-15 lines) each day, then by underlying the unknown words and looking them up on the dictionary (20 minutes).

Or, if you have more time, you can also use your Grammar book to study the conjugation of verbs.

You can also discuss the paragraph with your tutor and practice both understanding and speaking.

Next step is the fun part.

Take a few seconds to fill out the Language Habit Tracker to visually check what  you‘ve learned.

This will help you whether you have a tutor or not. At the end of the month, you‘ll use the Month In Review to give some credit to yourself and rethink what didn’t go as planned.

I really, really can’t stress enough how important this is. It’s all too often that vague, enthusiasm driven goals take language learners far from what they are capable to accomplish.

Don’t let this be you..!

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But is it for everyone?

The Language Habit Toolkit is not for you if all you need is a few words and travel phrases to pass by in your next trip in Greece.

Similarly, it’s not for you if you are not sure about whether learning Greek is something you enjoy doing and you find yourself going back and forth with it.

(But since you're here, I assume this is not you!)

Things I’d love to see in the Language Habit Toolkit

Images. There is only one in the handbook, which is not enough for this visual learner.

I’m about 70% visual so if you are like me you know what I mean. (Assembling furniture by looking at pictures is “the greatest invention since sliced bread”.Yep.)

An index. The handbook’s writing flows with useful examples, short stories and hands-on activities. Despite being a short read an index would’ve been useful.


Greek is a beautiful language, with an unparalleled musicality that echos thousand years old sounds, words and meanings. Maaaybe I’m a little biased.

But you know exactly what I mean!

So, if you are ready to go from:

“I wish I could learn/advance in Greek” (weak goal) to:

“I want to be able to (insert your goal) Greek and in order to do so I will plan my way to achieve this goal” (Yes. That’s the spirit.),

then Kerstin’s Language Habit Toolkit is your companion to this intriguing, wonderful language journey.

If you loved the sound of tracking your language learning progress, check out Kerstin’s great Language Habit Toolkit!

Ready to Express your Greek?