Greek Recorder - 1 Week Trial

Greek Recorder is a focused speaking & feedback service that helps you with your speaking, when

your goal is to make conversations with locals in Greece about topics that interest you.

Join below for your 1-Week trial!

How does it work?

Greek Recorder - 1 Week Option


Fee: $27

  • 1 pre-selected theme

  • 1 worksheet with 20 supporting words & phrases plus questions to help you get started

  • access to an online recorder

  • 3 recordings (15 minutes total)

  • audio & written feedback

  • support through email


The Steps:

  1. After you book and pay for your spot, I send you the materials on the start date of the service + access to the online recorder. That is Wednesday for the 1 - Week Trial option.

  2. You work on your materials (supporting vocabulary, phrases, questions) and record your speaking. You then send me your recordings.

  3. I give you my feedback in audio and written form. I add comments about structure, better/alternative word use, pronunciation and intonation. (I might add some fun etymology facts if you’re into that!)

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Here’s what Richard says about using recordings for his speaking practice:

In the past I have found it a problem speaking much Greek when in Greece because most people I meet speak better English than I speak Greek! Also, although getting understood is not too difficult, but they will not correct your mistakes. I have found making recordings is very good practice and having them corrected is very valuable.
— Richard Buswell

For access to the full 3 - Week program, see the Greek Recorder page.