Express your Greek in 4 weeks

a speaking & expression skills program for Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate learners

who love engaging conversations


You're wondering if a 1-1 lesson might be the best way to help you speak Greek.


You've tried classroom learning but you never had enough time to practice your speaking. You tried to learn with an app but your study routine lacked consistency - plus it felt lonely. 

I believe that persistence and self-motivation take you a long way. But you often reach to a point where you need a clearer vision and a plan to help you express yourself in Greek.

You don't need to struggle alone.

You can tell you 're in love with the language with the unique alphabet, untamed grammar and sounds you're eager to pronounce. 

But you find yourself overwhelmed by the questions that keep piling up, leaving you frustrated and disappointed for still not being able to express yourself after months or even years of studying.

What if you don't need countless resources or course books? What if you just need a clear focus?

You're not giving up. 


Speaking in another language was never second nature to me. Reading texts and writing essays were my strong areas - expressing myself to others required a different approach. 

This is why I often felt frustrated with the way expression is taught.

I'm convinced that you don't need to repeat a thousand times the same sentence if repetition doesn't work for you.

You don't need to study more grammar if speaking is your focus.

And you don't need to avoid idioms and colloquial expressions - in fact, they add spice to your Greek and they help you understand native speakers much sooner.

Relying on overly structured, non authentic language patterns harms your expression as it did mine. You're left wondering if the only way to speak Greek is through moving to Greece (which might or might not be the case). 

In our 1-1 sessions we focus on the real, authentic language and

we fight together against robotic - like speech.


It is my mission to show you effective and simple ways to practice your speaking and expression skills and be able to communicate in an uncomplicated, natural language.

By showing you how to approach authentic Greek, by simplifying the process for you, you eventually learn how to use these tools & practices beyond our 4 weeks together. 

All while seeing yourself expressing your thoughts in engaging conversations.


Express your Greek in 4 weeks

In this 1-1 program with me you:

  • focus on one theme and work on the relevant vocabulary
  • practice your expression during and outside our lesson with speaking & expression - targeted activities
  • discuss any struggles with speaking (embarrassment, fear of errors, shyness etc.)
  • discover new ways to deal with your struggles without compromising your progress
  • complete your learning through the use of authentic materials & resources and constructive feedback 
  • choose through a pre-selection of themes, related to your interests
  • work with the materials I send you (worksheets, videos, audio)
  • meet with me & express your Greek for 30 minutes every week for the 4 weeks of the program
  • have priority access to my feedback by email, for your work and questions
  • be ready and open to challenge traditional ways of learning how to express yourself (including ways that you still feel you need to use - but in reality never worked for you)

Ready to express your Greek with me?

Your investment: $170 USD

Next availability: SEPTEMBER 2018

This program is for you if:

  • you're ready to clear some time from your schedule to work on your Greek for 4 weeks
  • you 're comfortable with using online materials & programs such as video, audio, online video meeting, shared online folders, recording tools etc.
  • you 're committed to be on time, avoid unnecessary cancellations and put work in order to progress
  • you 're already comfortable with reading and writing in Greek (while accepting your imperfections!)


This program is NOT for you if:

  • you're looking for a general Greek tutor or a conversation partner
  • you're not comfortable with using online materials & programs (e.g. online video meeting, shared online folders etc.)
  • you write in "Greeklish" (Latin /English alphabet for writing Greek) and can't write or type in Greek
  • you don't want to study and complete homework