Are you looking for ways to speak more Greek daily and

increase your self-confidence about your speaking?

The Greek Speaking Project

is a short email course to help you learn the steps towards an engaging,

meaningful conversation with locals in Greece,

while you learn Greek beyond the early beginner level.

At the end of the 5 email lessons:

* you’ll be able to talk about a topic you’re interested in

* you’ll learn & use 10-20 new words & expressions,

* you’ll be introduced to new ways & free resources to help you speak Greek daily.

Best part? You get to share your speaking project with me and receive my feedback plus my best learning tips and occasional special offers on how to learn and keep speaking Greek!


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Here’s what Jessica says about how the course helped her:

Writing questions, recording, and help choosing a topic to focus on. I live in a Greek speaking country, but don’t have a ton of people to practice with. In class we learn important, but not personalized vocabulary, like going to the doctor or renting a flat.

This course helped me be able to speak about reoccurring subjects because I’m actually going to use the things I learned in conversations with everyday people.
— Jessica

in more detail:

If you don’t have many opportunities to practice spoken Greek and

you feel overwhelmed at the thought of an actual conversation, this course helps you to:

  • learn how to practice speaking in an intuitive, non-boring way

  • discover the key to engaging discussions with Greeks

  • boost the vibrancy and colour of your spoken Greek

  • feel more confident about your speaking

  • gain the satisfaction of a completed project by bringing everything you’ve learned together - and share with me your new experience!


what’s included:

The email course is divided in 5 lessons, emailed to you every day.

Which means that in the next 5 days you learn with focused, bite-sized material which includes:


Lesson 1: A free online tool + resources to help you focus on the vocabulary you actually need to know.

Lesson 2: A simple, straightforward daily practice to strengthen new words & phrases and start speaking more right away.

Lesson 3: My favourite strategy about how to engage in chats & conversations (even when you feel you still have a lot to learn).

Lesson 4: A simple technique to sound more natural when you chat or converse with locals.

Lesson 5: An opportunity to share your unique speaking project and get personalized, meaningful feedback from me. Yes, for free!


A few important notes…

The email course is FREE.

You will need to set aside some time to work on the daily tasks.

For the course, you’ll use video, audio and some readings, apart from the email lessons.

You won’t need any special equipment, just your computer/phone + Internet,

since most of the study can be done online.


Here’s what other participants say about the Free Email Course:

The structure helps to keep me on track. Plus, each email gives me a bite sized piece of homework to do!
— Jane
It is much more efficient if you learn the vocabulary in context — in fact I realised it while I was working with the text.
— Katalin