I Hear You. (Literally!)

And Then I Share With You My Feedback.

You might not have many people to speak Greek with.

You might not want to commit to a regular, live class.

Or you might be asking yourself during your self-study:

Is what I just said correct or not?

I’m Danae Florou, the sun-loving Greek teacher “behind” Alpha Beta Greek. I’m passionate about speaking and connecting with people meaningfully when learning the language.

This is why I help you, the Greek language enthusiast and life-long lover of Greece & the Greek culture, to talk about things that matter to you.

Greek Recorder Is:

a focused speaking & feedback program that helps you with your speaking, when

your goal is to speak & connect with locals in Greece through everyday Greek & topics that interest you.

This Means That You Learn With:

Greek lessons online_alphabetagreek


Greek lessons online_alphabetagreek


Greek lessons online_alphabetagreek



what my students say:

“Your approach is the most useful tool I have had as yet.”

I thought that this program would not deliver my expectations. I needed a program suited to my individual needs that would enable me to progress and keep me motivated.
I have more realistic expectations about my progress and sustained motivation. This was provided my your many hints and tips.
The recordings are most useful. They enable me to : Compare and contrast my speaking with yours.
Revisit the recordings to improve and monitor my progress.
Identify words and phrases that I need to improve.
Your approach is the most useful tool I have had as yet.
— Ian Jamieson


Greek Recorder Is A Speaking & Feedback Service Where You:

  • speak with the help of speaking tasks (your voice recordings) and keep practicing your spoken Greek

  • focus on one theme for the total duration of the program & learn the relevant, supporting vocabulary and phrases

  • receive meaningful feedback you can use right away

  • feel excited and happy about speaking more Greek, step by step, regularly

  • enjoy your learning & sustain your motivation to talk about things that matter to you

  • become more confident about a real life speaking, identify where you need improvement and celebrate your victories!

It Is Not:

  • a live (synchronous or Skype-based) class or a live conversation class

  • a program for Beginners

  • a program for learners who are not able to commit to regular, step by step work on their speaking


Greek Recorder - 3 Weeks Program

Fee: $75

  • 3 pre-selected themes (you’ll choose one)

  • 3 worksheets with 60 supporting words & phrases plus questions to help you get started

  • 9 recordings (45 minutes total)

  • audio & written feedback

  • unlimited support through online private chat (written messages)

  • a 15 minute live chat, at the end of the program

  • my Notes & Tips to help you with your speaking & further learning during and after the 3 weeks of our work together.

questions you might have:

I record most of my feedback in the morning - or in the evening, when there are better chances to ask someone else to take a picture (but worse light…). P.S. In case you’re wondering, that’s my toddler’s art on the wall!

I record most of my feedback in the morning - or in the evening, when there are better chances to ask someone else to take a picture (but worse light…). P.S. In case you’re wondering, that’s my toddler’s art on the wall!

How does it work?

After you book and pay for your spot, I send you the materials on the start date of the service (Thursday).

You study the material, record your answers on your phone (if your phone doesn’t have this option you can use a free online tool) and you receive my feedback.

I’m not available on Thursday. Can I still participate?

Of course!

Your study week starts every Thursday and ends every Wednesday.

This means that you receive your supporting worksheet on Thursday and have one week to finish your speaking tasks and get my feedback. You can send your speaking tasks in 1 day or spread them out in the week. It’s up to you.


How do I study?

You learn with your materials (supporting vocabulary, phrases, questions) and record your speaking based on the speaking prompts.

You choose your theme. You also have unlimited support through online private chat. I answer any questions about the theme you’re working on and give you additional resources.


What is included in the feedback?

I give you a detailed, personalized feedback in audio and written form.

I add comments about grammar, structure, better/alternative word use, pronunciation and intonation you can implement right away. (I might add some fun etymology facts too, if you’re into that!).

book your spot here:

Greek recorder starts on Thursdays every week.

what my students say:

I didn’t think I had any more free time to devote to extra language studies, but I wanted to improve my ability to speak Greek. Danae offered me a way to achieve that.
I found your supporting worksheet easy to understand and I could read it quite well without having to look up too many words in the dictionary.
Also, when you spoke to me and offered comments on my oral submissions I could understand what you were saying to me.
That made me full of joy and encouragement.
With recordings I had to present my sentences in such a way as to be understood and also recordings made me more conscious of my pronunciation of Greek words.
— Mardie Holton-Cleave


Still wondering if Greek Recorder would work for you?

Do you have any additional questions? Ask me anything, here.