Is it your dream to speak Greek and connect with the beautiful Greek people in your life?

Are you eager to express yourself in Greek and talk about things that matter to you?

Καλωσήρθες, λοιπόν!

Helping you speak, connect and express yourself in Greek.

I’m Danae Florou, Greek language teacher and your “travel companion” in this exciting language journey.

I help Greek language enthusiasts keep learning and speak more, step by step, when your dream is to express yourself, connect & make conversations in Greek with locals in Greece, your friends and family.


I Help you learn with:


Greek online lessons

Are you past the complete beginner level and interested in keep learning Greek, expanding your vocabulary and understanding tricky grammar? Click below to find out more about your learning options, fees and how to book your lessons with me.

Online Speaking programs

Have you been learning Greek for some time but you still feel that your speaking needs a boost? Do you want to express yourself with more self-confidence & spontaneity? Click below to find out how I help you talk about things that matter to you.

What my students say:

I have more realistic expectations about my progress and sustained motivation. This was provided by your many hints and tips.
Your approach is the most useful tool I have had as yet.
— Ian Jamieson, Greek Recorder student
The most important thing for me is that I actually started talking. Before the program I was afraid not only to speak, but also to think in Greek. I haven’t overcome my fears yet, but in just a week into the program I can already hold a conversation, can express my thoughts (at least some of them :)), can write coherent texts.
— Galina Troshina, My Greek Speaking Hub student
I was concerned I would not have enough speaking ability. I liked your comments on the blog about not worrying about making mistakes or hesitating while speaking. The one to one online sessions were a great help for gaining the confidence to speak in Greek.
— Richard Buswell, My Greek Speaking Hub student


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