Speak and connect With the people who matter to you.

Are you looking…

for a Greek class that will help you:

focus on your speaking & feel more confident about it,

learn new everyday vocabulary & phrases and

practice with topics that you’re actually going to discuss

with your friends or family?

I’m Danae Florou, Greek language teacher & passionate about speaking and connecting meaningfully when learning the language.

Let me welcome you to the Greek Speaking Hub - Καλωσήρθες!

My Greek Speaking Hub Is:

a 1:1 online Greek program where you learn Greek while focusing on your speaking.

It’s YOUR speaking hub, where you gain confidence and start speaking

with a theme of your choice, short speaking tasks and my ongoing support and guidance

during & outside our weekly online meetings.

What my students say:

First of all, I was afraid to speak. My Greek is not very good, so I thought maybe I was not ready to take this program. I really needed to find a teacher to help me with my speaking, not just a native speaker to talk to, but an experienced teacher who could answer my questions, explain tricky grammar and encourage me to keep talking despite my mistakes and long pauses.
The most important thing for me is that I actually started talking. And of course you also help me to believe in myself, your patience & positive feedback make me feel more confident.
— Galina Troshina

how does the program help you?

In the program, you:

  • choose your favourite theme & learn with relevant vocabulary you’ll actually need in a conversation

  • practice with short speaking tasks & remember vocabulary better

  • meet with me online & build on what you’ve learned with additional vocabulary and my direct feedback

  • feel excited to speak more and participate in conversations with your Greek friends or your family

  • become more confident about your speaking and avoid the overwhelm

  • get support and meaningful feedback to help you expand your learning and also feel proud of what you have accomplished.


choose between 2 options:


My Greek Speaking Hub - Option 1

(Less intensive pace)

Fee: $ 115

  • 1 theme of your choice (to choose from 6)

  • 4 speaking tasks (your recordings) to practice vocabulary + phrases (1 weekly)

  • 60 supporting new words & phrases

  • detailed feedback to your tasks in audio + writing 

  • unlimited support via private chat

  • 4 private online sessions with me (1 per week, 30 minutes each)

My Greek speaking hub - Option 2

(more intensive)

Fee: $175

  • 1 theme of your choice (to choose from 6)

  • 12 speaking tasks (your recordings) to practice vocabulary + phrases (3 weekly)

  • 80 supporting new words & phrases

  • detailed feedback to your tasks in audio + writing 

  • unlimited support via private chat

  • 4 private online sessions with me (1 per week, 30 minutes each)

Δαναη is excellent in knowing your level as language learner, to meet you exactly where you are and to adapt her teaching to you in the most appropriate way.
— Nille, My Greek Speaking Hub student

questions you might have…


Is the program for me and my level?

This program is for you if you’re past the early beginner level and have covered basic grammar & vocabulary. It is for learners at an Upper Beginner/ pre-Intermediate (A2 level) and up to Intermediate (B1-B2). However, levels work as guidelines and they’re not labels.

If you’re not sure if the program would work for you, I’ll send you a few assessment questions to reply. You email your answers and I let you know if the program is right for you.


How is the Greek Speaking Hub different from a conversation class?

In most conversation classes, students talk about a text they’ve read or practice in role plays or generic discussion.

Most of the times, there’s no preparation and no clear goal during or after the class. This results in losing your confidence and feeling lost and overwhelmed.

In the Greek Speaking Hub you focus on one weekly topic and one monthly theme of your choice, in order to learn relevant & specific vocabulary. This helps your brain make associations between new words and concepts more effectively, which means that you memorize new knowledge better.

You learn with clear focus and authentic supporting materials about what interests you in your life and you receive my detailed feedback, which you then use right away in your everyday conversations.

As a result, you feel more comfortable with your speaking without the stress and overwhelm of a generic vocabulary.


Do you teach grammar?

I help you identify any mistakes (grammar, structure - related, pronunciation) and understand why it is said this way, how to avoid your mistakes and how you can use your personalized feedback in an actual conversation.

According to your needs, I share with you resources and guidance to study further. This way, you learn the grammar & sentence structure and reinforce past knowledge through actively using the language.

And because I add you to our private chat, you can ask any questions during the program, while you use your online sessions to speak and improve - you don’t lose time in clarifications or lengthy grammar explanations during your 1:1 sessions.


How much do I need to study?

This program requires a good understanding of all the materials I send you.

You need to learn the supporting vocabulary but most importantly you need to use it in practice.

The speaking tasks (voice recordings) are part of the program since they maximize your speaking time.

The live online 1:1 session at the end of your study week strengthens your learning and expands it with added questions and extra vocabulary, relevant to what you studied and what you’re interested in.


Great, how do I book?

Choose between the 2 options, book your 4 sessions and pay the fee here:

What my students say:

I was concerned I would not have enough speaking ability. I liked your comments on the blog about not worrying about making mistakes or hesitating while speaking. The one to one online sessions were a great help for gaining the confidence to speak in Greek.
— Richard Buswell