You are serious about your learning and you want a lesson to help you achieve your personal goals.

I'm here to help you.

If you are : 

- a Beginner; you want to speed up your learning and follow your passion of learning Greek


- an Intermediate student; you want to be able to understand and communicate more naturally with Greeks

... then, welcome! You're in the right place.

About your teacher

danai florou alpha beta greek

Γεια σας! Hello! I'm Danae Florou and I'm happy to be teaching one of the most fascinating and old languages in the world since 2003. 

I teach students with a passion for Greek, who want to achieve a solid knowledge of the language.

I hold two Master's degrees, one in Second Language Education and one in Language Teaching and Bilingualism. I'm a Greek Language Studies graduate and a certified EUROLTA language teacher to adults. 

About the lessons

I teach privately to a small number of students, who get all the attention they deserve. When you learn with me, you're my top priority - literally! I make sure to answer your questions first and create only the best lessons for you.

The online private lessons are perfect for students who want to learn at their own pace and also for exploring more specific areas of Greek such as Grammar, expressions or terms etc.

  • In our online class, we meet as often as you prefer, usually one hour every week. 
  • For our lessons you need a high speed Internet, a camera and a microphone. Other equipment such as a digital pen can be helpful but not necessary. 
  • All material is made for you only, according to your needs and goals. That's right, I work extra hard to make sure you get all the attention you deserve from a private class. 

This means that if you prefer to learn Greek in order to read your favourite Greek author, we will study exactly that. 

I value your motivation and persistence.

This is why I believe you deserve a class where you can learn Greek according to your personal interests, needs and goals. 

The private online lessons start from $24 USD and include all the class materials you are going to use.

You can choose between unlimited lessons or packages of 10 or 20 lessons.

Right before we start our lessons together, you also receive a FREE consultation to complete your placement to the right level and discuss any questions you have.

What's next?

Ask me about the classes. We will discuss about your personalized lesson and you can find out more details about learning with me.

I look forward to teaching you!