Is it your dream to speak Greek and connect with the beautiful Greek people in your life?

Are you eager to be able to express yourself in Greek about things that matter to you,

things that you love sharing & talking about?

Καλωσήρθες, λοιπόν!

Helping you speak, connect and express yourself in Greek.

I’m Danae Florou, Greek language teacher and your “travel companion” in this exciting language journey.

I help Greek language enthusiasts speak more Greek, step by step, daily, when your dream is to make connections & engaging conversations in Greek.

Here’s how:

Speaking Program

With my speaking & feedback online program, where you learn Greek while focusing on your speaking, your interests & your expression without committing to a live class. Use my feedback right away and see yourself improving day by day.

1:1 My Greek Speaking Hub

We meet online once per week and you practice with bite-sized tasks that simplify your learning and help you progress faster, by focusing on everyday Greek you will actually use in your conversations. Contact me to discuss your learning options today!

Δαναη is excellent in knowing your level as language learner and to meet you exactly where you are.
— Nille, My Greek Speaking Hub student
In the past I have found it a problem speaking much Greek when in Greece because most people I meet speak better English than I speak Greek! Also, although getting understood is not too difficult, but they will not correct your mistakes. I have found making recordings is very good practice and having them corrected is very valuable.
— Richard Buswell, My Greek Speaking Hub student
This course helped me be able to speak about reoccurring subjects because I’m actually going to use the things I learned in conversations with everyday people.
— Jessica, Free Email Course student


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