54 Short But Mighty Everyday Words and Phrases

It’s about the little things: The simple, everyday words you need to use right away. The short, quirky, little phrases you don't know how to structure in Greek. Here's the truth: there's no time for translation apps when the conversation keeps going. You just need to know what to say.

9 confidence boosting tips to improve your speaking in Greek [Guest Post]

I’ve been an introvert person and in the past, I found it hard to speak in a foreign language. “What would they think of me? What if I say something wrong? What if they don’t understand me because of my accent?”, I used to ask myself many of these painful questions.
After years of practice, I discovered some techniques to boost my self-confidence and I’m thrilled to share them in this post.

How to use the verb γίνομαι : 18 tangible examples to apply right away

Language learning can be full of surprises.

“Wait a minute. What’s going on?!” you’re thinking. How many faces can a word possibly have? It’s been too many times I’ve wondered the same for English! But instead of experiencing my “trial end error”, let me save you some time and clear things up.

Let me introduce you to the multifaceted verb γίνομαι.

By the end of today’s vocabulary notes, you’ll be able to use it in 9 different ways and 18 different sentences.

7 Greek Easter traditions explained (+wishes in Greek)

Have you ever been to Greece during Easter?

The weather is mild, the smell of flowers is sweet, the anticipation is glorious.

Everything about this special holiday is so tied to the culture and the traditions.

Here are 7 of the most important things you need to know about Easter in Greece.

Do you make these 10 errors in Greek?

You have the right word in your head. Suddenly, another comes out. And now it’s too late to correct what you said because the conversation keeps going.

Or, you speak to someone who suddenly gives you a perplexed look. Then you become perplexed not really knowing what kind of error you made. Again.

Annoying, isn’t it?

2 Things To Remember Next Time You Make A Language Error

What do you think when you make errors in Greek?

“I’m so stupid”.

“Jeez. I’m like a baby”.

“People will think I’m an imbecile, I mean, look at me, I sounded so unintelligible!”


Yet, many of us think this way about ourselves when we learn a language and make errors.
So, what's a learner to do?